ABOUT THE SYMPOSIUM „STONES ARE COMING“ – Sculpture Symposium of SUPŠ Zámeček Student Symposium in Plzeň-Křimice, June 16th – 26th, 2023 This year, we are once again continuing the tradition of open-air student symposiums. For a total of 11 days, young stone sculptors and restorers will set up their workplaces directly in front of their school branch on Zámecké Square in Plzeň-Křimice. You can watch the artistic sculptures Vlna, Bobr, Blízkost, Zajíc, Kostičky, and Pramen gradually take shape daily, including weekends.

Vote on-site or in the online poll for the most successful artwork.

As part of the symposium’s accompanying program, we would like to draw your attention to guided tours of the individual sculpture sites, a stone sculptor simulator suitable for children and adults, and a presentation of sculpture tools. From June 23rd to 26th, visitors will have the opportunity to view the Exhibition of Final Works by our students from various years and fields of study in the Ateliéry Křimice building (Zámecké nám. 9). The highlight of the symposium will be the ceremonial conclusion and evaluation on Monday, June 26th. The results of the public vote will also be announced at that time. We welcome class collectives and groups from primary art schools as well.

For more information, please visit www.zamecek.cz. You will soon be able to follow the progress of the work directly on-site or in the symposium diary on the website https://sympozium.zamecek.cz, as well as on the Facebook page of SUPŠ and ZUŠ Zámeček and the Instagram account @sympozium_zamecek.

WAVE Lenka Hostičková Eliška Peteříková, Kateřina Malá

I have always associated the beach with waves. Watching the waves from the beach was a fascinating way to spend time, and I wanted to provide the same experience for those observing the river. I tried to give the wave elegance while also conveying its dynamism. I expressed the movement of the wave through the segmentation of the sculpture.


BEAVER Dalibor Páník Adéla Převrátilová, Marie Veverková

The inspiration for our sculpture was the discovery of a beaver trail. We considered stylizing the figure of the beaver, but ultimately decided on a realistic representation. The beaver will be depicted lying on its belly.

Dalibor Páník, KM3


CLOSENESS Rebeka Konášová Anna Hájková, Eliška Mudráková, Natálie Průchová

Although it belongs to the basic and natural desires of people, not everyone always receives it in the necessary measure. Because everyone can perceive it in a different way, we approach the theme abstractly and openly. Placing the sculpture in the square, where people have been gathering since time immemorial (including tumultuous times), is a natural choice.

Rebeka Konášová, KM3


HARE Laura Hanzlová Natálie Procházková, Anežka Midrlová

The subject of the hare sculpture is the current year 2023, which is represented by the hare in the Chinese calendar. The hare is also inseparable from the Czech landscape. In the Chinese concept, it symbolizes gentleness, delicacy, sensitivity, and an empathetic approach to the world. With its fresh charm and loving relationship with the family, it warms every heart, even when made of stone. The inspiration from Eastern tradition is reflected in the design, reminiscent of Japanese origami.

Laura Hanzlová, KM2


BRICKS Jan Hipp Miriam Kropáčková, Pavel Němec

Building blocks are important for children as they develop their creativity, spatial perception, and provide them with fun. The sculpture consists of three parts: two pieces representing bridges and a small ball. We have created a playful composition from these elements.

Jan Hipp, KM3


SPRING Vojtěch Soukup Kateřina Sadílková, Zdeněk Zrůst

We envisioned the design as a symbol of the spring of the Mže River. The spring will be depicted by water flowing out of a tilted vase, which is inspired by a Celtic original. The final vase will feature Celtic symbols for water, the inscription „Mže“ in Celtic runic script and Latin in Czech.

Vojtěch Soukup, KM3

The „Sculptors‘ Symposium in Křimice“ project is being implemented with the financial support of the City of Plzeň, the Municipal District of Plzeň 5 – Křimice, and the Plzeň Region.

This event builds upon our previous successful student art symposiums:

Sculptors from Zámeček near the Brewery Gate (2019) – student sculptures enriched the premises of Plzeňský Prazdroj with additional attractive art objects. Awakening the Old Masters! (2018) – a symposium of painters in the courtyard of Plzeňský Prazdroj. Sculptors from Zámeček in Prazdroj (2017) – sculptures serve as tasteful decorative elements in representative spaces of the brewery. Sculptures for Bells (2013) – the final auction of sculptures raised a total of 46,000 CZK to support the bell collection for the St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral in Plzeň. Sculptors in the Zoo (2009) – a symposium held directly in the premises of the Plzeň Zoo. Africa in Stone (2007) – sculptures installed in the premises of the Plzeň Zoo. Please come and support us in our efforts to increase public interest in traditional craftsmanship, artistic creation, and creativity in general.